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Openstack Exporter

We are using Prometheus for monitoring and metrics collection along with the openstack exporter to gather openstack specific resource metrics. For more information see: Prometheus docs and Openstack Exporter

Deploy the Openstack Exporter


To deploy metric exporters you will first need to deploy the Prometheus Operator, see: Deploy Prometheus.

Create clouds-yaml secret

Modify genestack/helm-configs/monitoring/openstack-metrics-exporter/clouds-yaml with the appropriate settings and create the secret.


See the documentation on generating your own clouds.yaml file which can be used to populate the monitoring configuration file.

From your generated clouds.yaml file, create a new manifest for your cloud config.

printf -v m "$(cat ~/.config/openstack/clouds.yaml)"; \
    m="$m" yq -n '."clouds.yaml" = strenv(m)' | \
        tee /tmp/generated-clouds.yaml

generated file will look similar to this

clouds.yaml: |
      region_name: RegionOne
        username: admin
        password: <admin-password>
        project_name: admin
        project_domain_name: default
        user_domain_name: default
        auth_url: 'http://keystone-api.openstack.svc.cluster.local:5000/v3'

Add keystone certificates to the generated clouds yaml

ks_cert="$(kubectl get secret -n openstack keystone-tls-public -o json | jq -r '.data."tls.crt"' | base64 -d)" \
        yq -I6 '."clouds.yaml" |= (from_yaml | .clouds.default.cacert = strenv(ks_cert) | to_yaml)' \
        </tmp/generated-clouds.yaml | tee /tmp/gen-clouds-yaml

Now create a secrete from your manifest.

kubectl --namespace openstack create secret generic clouds-yaml-secret \
        --from-file /tmp/gen-clouds-yaml

Install openstack-metrics-exporter helm chart

cd /opt/genestack/submodules/openstack-exporter/charts

helm upgrade --install os-metrics ./prometheus-openstack-exporter \
  --namespace=openstack \
    --timeout 15m \
    -f /opt/genestack/helm-configs/monitoring/openstack-metrics-exporter/openstack-metrics-exporter-helm-overrides.yaml \
    --set clouds_yaml_config="$(kubectl --namespace openstack get secret clouds-yaml-secret -o jsonpath='{.data.gen-clouds-yaml}' | base64 -d)"


If the installation is successful, you should see the related exporter pods in the openstack namespace.

kubectl -n openstack  get pods -w | grep os-metrics


os-metrics-prometheus-openstack-exporter-76bf579887-bwz5k   1/1     Running     0             7s