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Prometheus Monitoring Overview

Genestack utilizes Prometheus for monitoring, alerting and metrics collection. To read more about Prometheus please take a look at the upstream docs.

Components used to monitor and provide alerting and visualization mechanisms for genestack include:

  • Prometheus
  • AlertManager
  • Grafana

Prometheus makes use of various metric exporters used to collect monitoring data related to specific services:

  • Node Exporter(Hardware metrics)
  • Kube State Exporter(Kubernetes cluster metrics)
  • Mysql Exporter(MariaDB/Galera metrics)
  • RabbitMQ Exporter(RabbitMQ queue metrics)
  • Postgres Exporter(Postgresql metrics)
  • Memcached Exporter(Memcached metrics)
  • Openstack Exporter(Metrics from various Openstack products)
Prometheus Monitoring Diagram
high level visual of Prometheus and the various monitoring and alerting components within genestack

Getting started with genestack monitoring

To get started using monitoring within the genestack ecosystem begin with the getting started page