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Getting the Genestack Repository

Before you can do anything we need to get the code. Because we've sold our soul to the submodule devil, you're going to need to recursively clone the repo into your location.


Throughout the all our documentation and examples the genestack code base will be assumed to be in /opt.

git clone --recurse-submodules -j4 /opt/genestack

Basic Setup

The basic setup requires ansible, ansible collection and helm installed to install Kubernetes and OpenStack Helm:

The environment variable GENESTACK_PRODUCT is used to bootstrap specific configurations and alters playbook handling. It is persisted at /etc/genestack/product` for subsequent executions, it only has to be used once.

export GENESTACK_PRODUCT=openstack-flex


If running this command with sudo, be sure to run with -E. sudo -E /opt/genestack/ This will ensure your active environment is passed into the bootstrap command.

Once the bootstrap is completed the default Kubernetes provider will be configured inside /etc/genestack/provider

The ansible inventory is expected at /etc/genestack/inventory