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Mariadb Exporter

Mysql Exporter is used to expose metrics from a running mysql/mariadb server. The type of metrics exposed is controlled by the exporter and expressed in values.yaml file.


To deploy metric exporters you will first need to deploy the Prometheus Operator, see: (Deploy Prometheus).


First create secret containing password for monitoring user

kubectl --namespace openstack \
        create secret generic mariadb-monitoring \
        --type Opaque \
        --from-literal=username="monitoring" \
        --from-literal=password="$(< /dev/urandom tr -dc _A-Za-z0-9 | head -c${1:-64};echo;)"

Next, install the exporter

kubectl kustomize --enable-helm /opt/genestack/base-kustomize/prometheus-mysql-exporter | \
    kubectl --namespace openstack apply --server-side -f -


If the installation is successful, you should see the exporter pod in the openstack namespace.