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Getting started with genestack monitoring

In order to begin monitoring your genestack deployment we first need to deploy the core prometheus components

Install the Prometheus stack

Install Prometheus which is part of the kube-prometheus-stack and includes:

  • Prometheus and the Prometheus operator to manage the Prometheus cluster deployment
  • AlertManager which allows for alerting configurations to be set in order to notify various services like email or PagerDuty for specified alerting thresholds

The Prometheus kube-prometheus-stack will also deploy a couple core metric exporters as part of the stack, those include:

  • Node Exporter(Hardware metrics)
  • Kube State Exporter(Kubernetes cluster metrics)

Install Grafana

We can then deploy our visualization dashboard Grafana

Grafana is used to visualize various metrics provided by the monitoring system as well as alerts and logs, take a look at the Grafana documentation for more information

Install the metric exporters

Now let's deploy our exporters!

Next steps

Configure alert manager

Configure the alert manager to send the specified alerts to slack as an example, see: Slack Alerts

... and more ...

Update alerting rules

Within the genestack repo we can update our alerting rules via the alerting_rules.yaml to fit our needs

View alerting_rules.yaml in:

less /opt/genestack/kustomize/prometheus/alerting_rules.yaml