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We are taking advantage of the prometheus community kube-prometheus-stack as well as other various components for monitoring and alerting. For more information take a look at Prometheus Kube Stack

Install kube-prometheus-stack helm chart

Update Alertmanager configurations

Currently you can supply a Teams webhook url to send all current alerts to a teams channel. This section will be updated to be more comprehensive in the future...


You can ignore this step if you don't want to send alerts to teams, the alertmanager will still deploy and provide information

sed -i -e "s#https://webhook_url.example#$webhook_url#" /opt/genestack/kustomize/prometheus/alertmanager_config.yaml

Install the prometheus stack

kubectl kustomize --enable-helm /opt/genestack/kustomize/prometheus | kubectl apply --server-side -f -


If the installation is successful, you should see the related exporter pods in the prometheus namespace.