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Deploy Custom Metrics

We can utilize the Node Exporter deployed by Prometheus to collect custom metrics that may not be available from other exporters.

For more information visit: Node Exporter Textfile Collectors

You can also view example scripts here: Textfile Collector Scripts

Example custom exporter playbook

ansible-playbook custom_exporters.yml

Example custom exporter playbook with overrides

Confirm openstack-flex-inventory.yaml matches what is in /etc/genestack/inventory. If it does not match update the command to match the file names.

# Example overriding things on the CLI
ansible-playbook custom_exporters.yml --inventory /etc/genestack/inventory/openstack-flex-inventory.yaml \
                                --private-key ${HOME}/.ssh/openstack-flex-keypair.key

Once the scripts run the node exporter will collect your metrics and supply them to prometheus for you to view.