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Environment Architecture

Genestack is making use of some homegrown solutions, community operators, and OpenStack-Helm. Everything in Genestack comes together to form cloud in a new and exciting way; all built with opensource solutions to manage cloud infrastructure in the way you need it.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, so here's a picture.

Genestack Architecture Diagram

The idea behind Genestack is simple, build an Open Infrastructure system that unites Public and Private clouds with a platform that is simple enough for the hobbyist yet capable of exceeding the needs of the enterprise.


Yes there are dependencies. This project is made up of several submodules which are the component architecture of the Genestack ecosystem.

  • Kubespray: The bit delivery mechanism for Kubernetes. While we're using Kubespray to deliver a production grade Kubernetes baremetal solution, we don't really care how Kubernetes gets there.
  • MariaDB-Operator: Used to deliver MariaBD clusters
  • OpenStack-Helm: The helm charts used to create an OpenStack cluster.
  • OpenStack-Helm-Infra: The helm charts used to create infrastructure components for OpenStack.
  • Rook: The Ceph storage solution du jour. This is optional component and only needed to manage Ceph when you want Ceph.