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What is Genestack?

Genestack is a complete operations and deployment ecosystem for Kubernetes and OpenStack. The purpose of this project is to allow hobbyists, operators, and cloud service providers the ability to build, scale, and leverage Open-Infrastructure in new and exciting ways.

Genestack’s inner workings are a blend of dark magic — crafted with Kustomize and Helm. It’s like cooking with cloud. Want to spice things up? Tweak the kustomization.yaml files or add those extra 'toppings' using Helm's style overrides. However, the platform is ready to go with batteries included.

Genestack is making use of some homegrown solutions, community operators, and OpenStack-Helm. Everything in Genestack comes together to form cloud in a new and exciting way; all built with opensource solutions to manage cloud infrastructure in the way you need it.