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Deploy the RabbitMQ Operator and a RabbitMQ Cluster

Deploy the RabbitMQ operator.

kubectl apply -k /opt/genestack/kustomize/rabbitmq-operator


The operator may take a minute to get ready, before deploying the RabbitMQ cluster, wait until the operator pod is online.

Deploy the RabbitMQ topology operator.

kubectl apply -k /opt/genestack/kustomize/rabbitmq-topology-operator

Deploy the RabbitMQ cluster.

kubectl apply -k /opt/genestack/kustomize/rabbitmq-cluster/base


RabbitMQ has a base configuration which is HA and production ready. If you're deploying on a small cluster the aio configuration may better suit the needs of the environment.

Validate the status with the following

kubectl --namespace openstack get -w