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Openstack Volumes

Boot instance from volume

You can create a bootable volume from an existing image, volume, or snapshot. This procedure shows you how to create a volume from an image and use the volume to boot an instance.

  1. List available images, noting the ID of the image that you wish to use.

    openstack image list
  2. Create a bootable volume from the chosen image.

    openstack volume create \
    --image {Image ID} --size 10 \
  3. Create a server, specifying the volume as the boot device.

    openstack server create \
    --flavor $FLAVOR --network $NETWORK \
    --volume {Volume ID}\
    --wait test-server
  4. List volumes once again to ensure the status has changed to in-use and the volume is correctly reporting the attachment.

    openstack volume list
    openstack server volume list test-server

    Additional Server Volume Commands

Add Volume to Server

openstack server add volume
    [--device <device>]
    [--tag <tag>]
    [--enable-delete-on-termination | --disable-delete-on-termination]

Remove Volume from Server

openstack server remove volume <server> <volume>