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Openstack Keypairs

Read more about Openstack keypairs using the upstream docs.

List and view Keypairs

openstack keypair list
    [--sort-column SORT_COLUMN]
    [--sort-ascending | --sort-descending]
    [--user <user>]
    [--user-domain <user-domain>]
    [--project <project>]
    [--project-domain <project-domain>]
    [--limit <limit>]
    [--marker <marker>]

Create a Keypair

Before launching an instance, you must add a public key to the Compute service.

openstack keypair create
    [--public-key <file> | --private-key <file>]
    [--type <type>]
    [--user <user>]
    [--user-domain <user-domain>]


--type Keypair type (supported by –os-compute-api-version 2.2 or above)

This command generates a key pair with the name that you specify for KEY_NAME, writes the private key to the .pem file that you specify, and registers the public key to the Nova database.

Import a Keypair

If you have already generated a key pair and the public key is located at ~/.ssh/, run the following command to upload the public key.

openstack keypair create --public-key ~/.ssh/ KEY_NAME

This command registers the public key at the Nova database and names the key pair the name that you specify for KEY_NAME

Delete a Keypair

openstack keypair delete
    [--user <user>]
    [--user-domain <user-domain>]
    [<key> ...]

Show Keypair Details

openstack keypair show
    [--user <user>]
    [--user-domain <user-domain>]