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Openstack Floating Ips

To read more about Openstack Floating Ips using the upstream docs.

List and view floating ips

openstack floating ip list
    [--network <network>]
    [--port <port>]
    [--fixed-ip-address <ip-address>]
    [--status <status>]
    [--project <project> [--project-domain <project-domain>]]
    [--router <router>]

Create a floating ip

openstack floating ip create
    [--subnet <subnet>]
    [--port <port>]
    [--floating-ip-address <ip-address>]
    [--fixed-ip-address <ip-address>]
    [--description <description>]
    [--project <project> [--project-domain <project-domain>]]

Delete a floating ip(s)


Ip address or ID can be used to specify which ip to delete.

openstack floating ip delete <floating-ip> [<floating-ip> ...]

Floating ip set

Set floating IP properties

openstack floating ip set
    --port <port>
    [--fixed-ip-address <ip-address>]

Display floating ip details

openstack floating ip show <floating-ip>

Unset floating IP Properties

openstack floating ip unset

Associate floating IP addresses

You can assign a floating IP address to a project and to an instance.

Associate an IP address with an instance in the project, as follows:

openstack server add floating ip INSTANCE_NAME_OR_ID FLOATING_IP_ADDRESS

Disassociate floating IP addresses

To disassociate a floating IP address from an instance:

openstack server remove floating ip INSTANCE_NAME_OR_ID FLOATING_IP_ADDRESS
To remove the floating IP address from a project:

openstack floating ip delete FLOATING_IP_ADDRESS