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Openstack Images

To read more about Openstack images please visit the upstream docs.

List and view images

openstack image list
    [--sort-column SORT_COLUMN]
    [--sort-ascending | --sort-descending]
    [--public | --private]
    [--property <key=value>]
    [--sort <key>[:<direction>]]

View image details

openstack image show <imageName>

Create a image

openstack image create
    [--id <id>]
    [--store <store>]
    [--container-format <container-format>]
    [--disk-format <disk-format>]
    [--size <size>]
    [--min-disk <disk-gb>]
    [--min-ram <ram-mb>]
    [--location <image-url>]
    [--copy-from <image-url>]
    [--file <file> | --volume <volume>]
    [--checksum <checksum>]
    [--protected | --unprotected]
    [--public | --private]
    [--property <key=value>]
    [--project <project>]

Delete a image

openstack image delete <image> [<image> ...]

Retrieving Images

Please visit this page for examples of retrieving images here.

Creating a server from an image

Specify the server name, flavor ID, and image ID.

openstack server create --flavor FLAVOR_ID --image IMAGE_ID --key-name KEY_NAME \
  --user-data USER_DATA_FILE --security-group SEC_GROUP_NAME --property KEY=VALUE \