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Deploy a Memcached

Deploy the Memcached Cluster

kubectl kustomize --enable-helm /opt/genestack/kustomize/memcached/base | kubectl apply --namespace openstack -f -


Memcached has a base configuration which is HA and production ready. If you're deploying on a small cluster the aio configuration may better suit the needs of the environment.

Alternative - Deploy the Memcached Cluster With Monitoring Enabled


Memcached has a base-monitoring configuration which is HA and production ready that also includes a metrics exporter for prometheus metrics collection. If you'd like to have monitoring enabled for your memcached cluster ensure the prometheus operator is installed first (Deploy Prometheus).

View the memcached exporter instructions to install a HA ready memcached cluster with monitoring and metric collection enabled.

Verify readiness with the following command.

kubectl --namespace openstack get horizontalpodautoscaler.autoscaling memcached -w