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TopoLVM - In Cluster

TopoLVM is a capacity aware storage provisioner which can make use of physical volumes.

The following steps are one way to set it up, however, consult the documentation for a full breakdown of everything possible with TopoLVM.

Create the target volume group on your hosts

TopoLVM requires access to a volume group on the physical host to work, which means we need to set up a volume group on our hosts. By default, TopoLVM will use the controllers as storage hosts. The genestack Kustomize solution sets the general storage volume group to vg-general. This value can be changed within Kustomize found at kustomize/topolvm/general/kustomization.yaml.


Simple example showing how to create the needed volume group.

# NOTE sdX is a placeholder for a physical drive or partition.
pvcreate /dev/sdX
vgcreate vg-general /dev/sdX

Once the volume group is on your storage nodes, the node is ready for use.

Deploy the TopoLVM Provisioner

kubectl kustomize --enable-helm /opt/genestack/kustomize/topolvm/general | kubectl apply -f -