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Etcd Backup

In order to backup etcd we create a backup CronJob resource. This constitues of 3 things:

  1. etcd-bakcup container image with the etcdctl binary and the python script that uploads the backup to Ceph S3 endpoint or any S3 compatible endpoint.

  2. The CronJob deployment resource. This job will only be done on the box with label set matching is-etcd-backup-enabled.

  3. Secrets required for the backup to function. These include the location of the S3 endpoint, access keys, and etcd certs to access etcd endpoints.

Label one or more box in the cluster to run the job:

kubectl label node is-etcd-backup-node=true

Create the secret:

kubectl --namespace openstack \
        create secret generic etcd-backup-secrets \
        --type Opaque \
        --from-literal=ACCESS_KEY="sadbq4bcva2392dasflkdsp" \
        --from-literal=SECRET_KEY="aldskflkjpoq32ibdsfko23bnalkfdao2" \
        --from-literal=S3_HOST="" \
        --from-literal=S3_PORT="8081" \
        --from-literal=ETCDCTL_API="3" \
        --from-literal=ETCDCTL_ENDPOINTS="" \
        --from-literal=ETCDCTL_CACERT="/etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/ca.pem" \
        --from-literal=ETCDCTL_CERT="/etc/ssl/etcd/ssl/" \


Make sure to use the correct values for your region.

Next, Deploy the backup job:

kubectl apply -k /opt/genestack/kustomize/backups/etcd/etcd-backup.yaml --namespace openstack